Sustainable solutions
for the coexistence

of wildlife and people

in Africa



Our vision


... is that of a "greener" Africa, in which the original forest areas are renatured and reforested, in which the rich wild animal populations are preserved and humans and wild animals not only coexist, but thrive together for the benefit of both. We share this vision with countless people in Africa who are involved in projects and organizations or as individuals in various areas of this shared vision. Some would describe their vision in exactly the same way, others devote themselves to individual aspects, whether for the preservation of the forests, the protection of wild animals or in one of the many social projects. Hardly anyone in Europe knows them. It is therefore an important point of our work to give them a voice by linking to them, presenting their projects or promoting them within the scope of our possibilities. It is part of our vision that more and more of these organizations and projects network into a larger whole, so that healing processes for people, wild animals and land can arise that mutually potentiate each other. The links below show just a few of these numerous projects. You can promote many of them directly through their website or advertise their work on social networks. Of course, you can also process donations through us, which we forward to the relevant projects.


Projects and NGOs