Sustainable solutions
for the coexistence

of wildlife and people

in Africa



What are we doing specifically?


With our work we want to make a contribution to a more sustainable, greener Africa, to the protection of its biodiversity, its forests and unique landscapes, to good living conditions for people and education that is designed for sustainable development. We are directly active in both Kenya and Germany and support projects in various African countries.


The most important aspect of our work is finding solutions and developing models, of how new forms of sustainable nature conservation could work. The aim is to make developed models transferable in order to be able to repeat them in a similar form in other regions. We were inspired by the work of Dr. Jane Goodall in Tanzania, through the work of Dr. Willie Smits in Borneo, through the work of the Wildlife Friendly  Enterprise Network and the work of Ernst Götsch in Brazil. After 8 years of research and work in Thailand, Cambodia and Kenya and a lot of research in the Internet and scientific literature, we are planning to set up an elephant-friendly forest renaturation project in connection with a bamboo farm in western Kenya. As an introductory step, we have a research project lasting several months in preparation for 2022/23 to research the implementation of agricultural projects in elephant regions and to develop ways of elephant-friendly use.


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What else do we do?

1. In the Bungoma region in western Kenya we have started a food forest village project and are working with the village children. We do aid projects with simple technologies such as solar bottle lamps in the region of our village project and plan to support projects on energy-efficient stoves.

2. We support projects and NGOs for forest protection and reforestation in various African countries as far as we can.

3. The protection of the remaining elephant populations is very important to us. We prefer to support nature conservation projects of local village communities and a few selected NGOs for elephant conservation.

4. The promotion of humanitarian aid and educational projects is increasingly on our agenda for the future.

5. On our websites we link to projects and NGOs in Africa and thus present their work.

6. We do public relations work on our Africa topics in Germany in the form of lectures, exhibitions and information stands.

7. From 2022 we are planning a volunteer training course in Germany and subsequent placement of volunteers in projects in Africa. Self-organized travel groups on our project topics to Kenya are in planning.