Sustainable solutions
for the coexistence

of wildlife and people

in Africa




 Forests, Elephants and People is a project of the Wild Land - Wild Spirit Foundation. This deals with the possibilities of a sustainable coexistence of people with wild animals and the protection of their habitats in Germany as well as in Africa and Asia.


Forests, Elephants and People is the foundation's Africa project and probably the most important part of our entire work. It deals with the development of models for a peaceful coexistence of humans and wild animals, especially with elephants and large predators. In our work, we research solutions for how coexistence can be implemented in practice in such a way that people, wildlife and ecosystems benefit from it. 

We are active with our own project work on site in western Kenya and plan to intensify this in the future.

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In addition, we support projects to protect elephants, forest protection and reforestation, humanitarian aid and education as far as we can. One focus here is on supporting nature conservation projects in local village communities.


Forests, Elephants and People is the "sister project" to the Wildlife and People Project in Germany.





 Complementary project and educational work in Germany:


Our project work in Africa is the subject of a series of educational events in Germany. Our work in Africa would not be complete if we did not contribute to peaceful coexistence with wild animals in Germany too, because we cannot expect people in other countries to live with wild animals, some of which are dangerous, if we are not at least partially ready to do so . That is why we are concerned with the topic of coexistence with wild animals here in Germany, especially since large wild animals such as lynxes, wolves and bears are increasingly returning to Germany. Human / wild animal coexistence is not a topic restricted to the large wilderness regions of the world, but is important wherever people and wild animals share common habitats, including in Germany. More information on the resulting Wildlife and People project and the work in Germany on our foundation website.