Sustainable solutions
for the coexistence

of wildlife and people

in Africa




 About the situation of Forests, Wildlife and People in Africa

Our project Forests, Elephants and People follows the vision of a greener Africa, in which people can live in sustainable coexistence with wild animals in stable ecosystems. People whose living situation is free from poverty, hunger, oppression and the consequences of colonialism and global exploitation.

The project is dedicated to the protection of the African forests, the rainforests of Central Africa and the West as well as the much less known mountain rainforests and dry forests of East Africa, the preservation of biodiversity in these forest regions and the improvement of the living conditions of the people living there. The development of solutions for the sustainable coexistence of the local population with the forests and wild animals is the most important issue.

In most of the forest regions, we only provide support by promoting projects, providing information about them, creating networks and building partnerships.

In the Mount Elgon region in western Kenya, we are preparing an agroforestry project, inspired by the work of the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, to test elephant-friendly cultivation methods for bamboo, indigenous tree species and other crops and thus to make a contribution to the re-greening of degraded land areas and a transferable one to develop a model for other regions of Africa. There are many agricultural and forestry projects in Africa. What sets us apart is that we focus on wildlife-friendly implementation and have the welfare of both people and wildlife in mind.

In the neighboring region of Bungoma, also in western Kenya, we have already started a village project as a first step and bought land for an emerging food forest and started the planting work.

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Links to many projects and NGOs in Africa can be found on our foundation website.