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Forests, Elephants and People ...


... is the main project of the Wild Land - Wild Spirit Foundation and is dedicated to protecting African forests, both the rainforests of Central Africa and the West and the dry forests of East Africa, the conservation of biodiversity in these forest regions and the improvement of the living conditions of the people living there. Possibilities of sustainable coexistence of both the local population with the forests and wild animals is the most important issue.

In most forest regions, we only provide support by funding projects, providing information about them, creating networks and building partnerships.

Links to projects and NGOs in the African forest regions  you can find on our foundation website.


Wildlife and People Project Kenya


Wildlife and People Kenya is a sub-project of Forests, Elephants and People. We work locally in Western Kenya to develop transferable models that can also be used in other forest regions in Africa or on other continents.
Topics include the restoration of already degraded or destroyed forest areas, the sustainable coexistence of humans and wild animals and the creation of wildlife corridors, the development and implementation of nature conservation projects together with the local population and the general improvement of people's living conditions.


 We started a project in a village in the Lumakanda region and bought land for an emerging a food forest
and started planting.