Sustainable solutions
for the coexistence

of wildlife and people

in Africa



Project Countries


The choice of project countries is based on our personal experience. So was the project manager and founder of the foundation Klaus D. Berger spent many decades in wilderness areas in the far north, Central Europe, Asia and Africa and also active in the Pacific region. The final selection of the project countries is based on his experience. In Africa we initially only work in Kenya, but we are involved in various forest regions, such as the Congo Basin, to provide information and support.



Although we are committed to elephant conservation, forest protection and the improvement of people's living conditions in various African countries, Kenya is our most important project country in Africa. Here we have been working regularly since 2016, mainly in western Kenya, where we have a permaculture project, a food forest, research questions of human / wild animal coexistence and the renaturation of degraded forests between the large forest areas of the west and are preparing a wildlife-friendly agroforestry project. One aspect of this is small aid projects for the local population in the surrounding villages in order to help improve the living situation and thus create a basis for the implementation of joint nature conservation projects.